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Huatuo Zaizao Wan
huatuo zaizao wan


Chinese name:
Hua Tuo Restorative Pills (Hua Tuo Zai Zao Wan), Hua Tuo zaizao pills, Huatuo Zaizao Wan
Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Flos Carthmi, Radix Ginseng Rubra, Fructus Schisandrae, Semen Strychni, Rhizoma Arisaematis, Borneolum
Symptoms induced by blood stasis or stagnation of phlegm-wetness, such as stroke and paralysis, stiffness and numbness, deviation of the eye and mouth and dysphasia.
Activates blood circulation to remove blood stasis , promoting the flow of qi to relieve pain, removes phlegm, improves the immunologic function of the body
8 g (about 45-50 pills) each time orally and twice or 3 times daily, bottle contains 80 g A treating course lasts 30 days. Take it for 3 consecutive courses or until full recovery.
Guangzhou Qixing Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.
Huatuo Zaizao pills are a pure natural preparation from plant origins for treating and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and apoplexy and hemiplegia, stroke, poor blood circulation, numbness, stiffness in one's limb, difficulty speaking or deviating of eyes and mouth.

It is indicated for the treatment of ischemic stroke in all phases, such as cerebral infarction and hemorrhagic stroke in convalescent stage such as cerebral hemorrhage. It is also indicated for preventing and treating coronary heart diseases and angina. Huatuo Zaizao pills improve the immunologic function of the body and tolerance of the brain tissue to hypoxia during acute cerebral ischemia, to protect the function and figure of the nervous cells in hypoxia.

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Huatuo Zaizao Wan Medicine Researches

Determination of evodiamine and rutaecarpine in Evodia rutaecarpa and Huatuo Zaizao Pill by HPLC
To establish a quantitative method for the determination of two main active ingredients,evodiamine and rutaecarpine,in Chinese medicinal crop Evodia rutaecarpa and its preparation Huatuo Zaizao pill.METHOD:Evodiamine and rutaecarpine were determined by RP-HPLC for Evodia rutaecarpa,the mobile phase consisted of acetonitrile-water (50 50),the flow rate was 1.0ml.min-1ˇAmedroxyprogesteron acetate was used as internal standard.For Huatuo Zaizao pill,the mobile phase consisted of acetonitrile-water (40 60),the flow rate was 1.0ml.min-1,biphenyl was used as internal standard.The eluent was monitored with UV detector at 225nm.RESULTS:For Evodia rutaecarpa,the standard curves of evodiamine and rutaecarpine were all linear over the concentration range of 5-50μg.min-1.The average recoveries were 96.6%and 96.4%respectively.The intra-run relative standard deviations were 0.8%ˇH1.5%and 1.1%ˇH2.3%(n=6),respectively,the inter-run relative standard deviations were 2.3%ˇH3.6%and 2.5%ˇH3.9%(n=6),respectively.For Huatuo Zaizao pill,the standard curve of evodiamine and rutaecarpine were all linear over the range of 5-20μg*ml-1,the average recoveries were 97.6%and 94.6%,respectively.The contents of evodiamine and rutaecarpine in Evodia rutaecarpa from four localities of growth were 0.118%and 0.092%,0.213%and 0.106%,0.581%and 0.609%,0.478%and 0.459%,respectively.In Huatuo Zaizao pill,the contents of two ingredients were 0.1123mg.g-1 and 0.0981 mg.g-1,respectively.CONCLUSION:This method is accurate,convenient and sensitive.It is satisfactory for the quality control of Evodia rutaecarpa and its preparations. Treatment of 36cases with permanent atrial fibrillation with huatuo zaizao bolus

Progress in pharmacological and clinical studies on HUATUO ZAIZAO PILL

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