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Long Dan Xie Gan Wan (luhng dahn shyeh gahn wahn) Gentian Clear the Liver Pills
Excess heat in the liver with symptoms like red eyes, headache, bitter taste in the mouth, irritability, hearing loss
Clears damp heat and fire from the liver and from the gallbladder, supports the health of the liver and biliary system, urinary tract, chest, mouth, and inner ear
half cap or full bottle cap each time(3-6g), 2 times per day, bottle contains 60 g This formula should be discontinued as soon as symptoms subside since long-term use can weaken digestion.
Guangzhou Huacheng
Long Dan Xie Gan Wan is a Chinese Medicinal formula that is utilized when a patient has been diagnosed as having excess Liver Heat, excess Gall Bladder Heat, and Damp Heat accumulation.
This traditional formula treats a wide range of inflammatory conditions.
It has been considered helpful in treating irritability and headaches associated with stress.
Other applications have been in the treatment of conjunctivitis; red, swollen eyes; ringing in the ears; vaginal discharge (bad smelling); and swollen genitals. It is often used to treat serious illnesses s.c. as gall stones, gall bladder diseases, hepatitis, herpes, shingles, otitis meida, cystitis, hyperthyroidism, migraines and jaundice.
It was listed in the "Analytic Collection Of Medicine Formulas" (Yi Fang Ji Jie) by Dr. Wang Ang in 1682AD.

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Long Dan Xie Gan Wan Medicine Researches

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Objective: To observe the therapeutic effect of acupuncture and moxibustion on chronic pelvic inflammation. Method: Thirty-six cases of chronic pelvic inflammation were treated with acupuncture,the Pathogenic Fire of the Liver) and medicinal cake moxibustion. Result: The treatment resulted in cure in 9 cases, obvious effect in 16 cases, effect in 7 cases and no effect in 4 cases. Conclusion:Acupuncture, moxibustion and the ancient recipe Long Dan Xie Gan Tang used together can enhance the therapeutic effects on chronic pelvic inflammation. 4 Cases of Professor RUAN Shi-bao Applying New Long-dan Xie-gan Decoction
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