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Traditional Chinese medicine helps to get better erections naturally
Traditional Chinese Medicine has a background from ancient Chinese medical knowledge in which herbs, plants and extracts from both plant and animal life are utilized to provide holistic healing solutions for patients. In Traditional Chinese medicine, several organs are considered important for a man to have a solid erection. These organs include the spleen, heart, kidney and liver. For example, the liver is vital for the proper circulation of Qi across the body. It also stores blood and handles the sinews and tendons. The male reproductive organ consists of tissues and perineum and in traditional Chinese medicine; the perineum is a form of sinew. Thus, the body needs proper circulation to ensure that the sinew becomes stiff. The liver, then, in TCM, has a vital role in keeping erection in perfect condition.

Traditional medicine by the Chinese also looks at emotional and mental condition of patients. The liver can be affected by extreme emotions such as anger, or frustration. Mental stress and emotional stress can also affect circulation of the blood. If a person has long term liver damage, this could have a big influence in his mental and emotional condition.

Traditional Chinese medicine always associates organs of the body with specific elements from nature. The liver, which is closely related to male potency, is connected to the wood element which grows upwards, ideally signifying a healthy erection. The partner of the liver, the opposite energy is the gallbladder. If they are in perfect harmony, a man can surely enjoy solid and strong erection.

The kidney consists of both the opposing energies. The yang energy assists the liver in ensuring a healthy erection while the yin energy assists in supplying blood to the penis while in a period of arousal. The kidney is closely associated for the production of sperm. If the yin is low, the sperm count is also low. Thus, in traditional Chinese medicine, imbalance of the kidney energy could lead to either impotence of premature ejaculation.

The heart, on the other hand is a vital organ that governs all other organs. As the heart pumps blood across organs, it also pumps the blood to the male reproductive organ. It has also been associated with Shen which is deemed as a spirit that influences mental health. Thus, if there is a problem with the heart balance, this could lead to psychological turmoil and could also lead to unsuccessful and unfulfilling sexual activities as well as association with excessive dependence on self stimulation.

Managing deficiencies and imbalances

If the heart or spleen has been damaged or is inefficient, the goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to tone and enrich these organs. Several roots and plants are used to do this including astragalus root, codonopsis root, licorice root, and bai zhu. All these are said to have qi-enriching benefits to the spleen, the Polygala root and longan fruit on the other hand are beneficial for the heart while also helping in supplementing the blood for better results.

If the kidneys are damaged or in bad condition, the main goal of TCM is to calm the spirits and enrich the kidneys. Certain parts of plans and fruits such as lyceum berries are used to keep the kidneys in top condition. The Polygala root is ideal in calming the spirit. If the yang energy is low, cimicifuga root is a notable ingredient in Chinese medicine that can lift up the qi.

If you have depressed liver and experience stagnation of energy, the goal is to manage the imbalance and soothe the liver to function properly. There are several herbs and roots that can be used to produce these benefits such as buplureum root. Poria, licorice root, and cyperus root are highly advantageous in controlling the liver and managing energy levels to reduce depression and increase energy.

The balance between the yin and yang in different body organs have very big influence on how the body actually responds externally. In traditional Chinese medical knowledge, the yin and yang should always be balanced to ensure optimum results. This can lead to better ejaculation, stronger erections and more fulfilling sexual experience with your partner. The goal of TCM is to provide patients with unique alternative solutions when modern science could not offer a long lasting and sustainable solution without resorting to expensive and temporizing pills or capsules.

Reliance to male performance drugs may be good for very particular occasions but one should not be reliant on medications whenever they desire to be romantic with their partners. TCM can be deemed as healthy and holistic, looking at the aspect of impotence not just as an issue with blood circulation or simply diet, but a holistic approach. While not many will find it easy to approve and follow the perspectives of Chinese medicine, those who have tried them and succeeded can only testify to their true benefits.

Traditional Chinese medicine which includes roots and herbs is just one of the several types of homeopathic solutions that come from china. While their effectiveness is yet to be verified by some, at the moment, Chinese medicines are highly popular options for a healthy sex life.

Nowadays, men are willing to take alternative medicine a lot more seriously than how it was perceived before. Therefore, it is vital to take advantage of how TCM can truly benefit those who seek solution especially with their erection problems.

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