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Bi Yan Pian (bee yahn pyen), Fang Zhi Bi Yan Pian Nose Inflammation Tablets
Acute or chronic nasal congestion, allergies, rhinitis, runny nose due to common cold
Dispels wind cold or wind heat, clears the nasal passages
one time 3-4 tablets, 3 times per day, contains 100 tablets
Guang Dong Qixing Pharmaceutical Co.,
Bi Yan Pian is a commonly recommended herbal medicine by Chinese doctors to help relieve nasal or sinus congestion as in the common cold, allergies, rhinitis, and sinusitis. It is one of the most popular over-the-counter medicines.
Bi Yan Pian can be used for treatment of allergies.

Bi Yan Pian is a Chinese Medicine whose formula is thought to be based on Xanthium Powder as described in "Formulas to Aid the Living" (Ji Sheng Fan) by Dr. Yan Yong-He in 1253AD.

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Bi Yan Pian Medicine Researches

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aFrom the aDepartment of Pediatrics, Mt Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY, and the bDepartment of Environmental Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore, Md.
Background: Asthma is a major public health problem worldwide, and the morbidity and mortality of asthma have increased in the past two decades. The reputed efficacy, low cost, and relative absence of side effects of traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) have led to increasing interest in the use of TCMs for the treatment of asthma in Western countries. However, there are few well-controlled scientific studies on the efficacy, safety, and mechanisms of action of TCMs used to treat asthma. Objective: The goal of this study was to investigate the effects of the Chinese herbal medicine formula MSSM-002, derived from TCMs used to treat allergic asthma, on a well-characterized mouse model of allergic asthma. Methods: Mice sensitized intraperitoneally and challenged intratracheally with conalbumin were treated with MSSM-002 24 hours after the first intratracheal challenge.

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