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Yunnan Baiyao

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Yunnan Baiyao Directions:
Apply directly to bleeding wound (clean first, and bandage
afterwards). In deep or wide wounds, squeeze cut
together, pour powder on, and keep closed for 1 to 2

Yunnan Baiyao capsules


Directions: Take 1-2 capsules once, 4 times a day.
Packing: 16 capsules, 0.25g/capsule.

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We sell only original products from Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd., the only legal manufacturer of Yunnan Baiyao in China. Capsules and Plasters are also available.

Widely used everywhere in China, Yunnan Baiyao is one of the miracles of Traditional Chinese Medicine: It has a legendary reputation for immediate stopping internal and external bleeding, relieving swelling and severe pain, working as a disinfectant.

Yunnan Baiyao effects are very powerful. It is the fastest treatment of different traumatic injuries, sports injuries, wounds made by knife, even bullet, or if you cut yourself shaving, no matter how severe they have been, just sprinkle it directly into a open wound, followed by pressure on the injured place.
It is commonly used to treating bruises, contusions, chilblain, rheumatism and numbness, pains in bones muscles and joints. It can be used to arrest hemorrhage, stanch bleeding, activate blood circulation, eliminate inflammation and swelling, disperse blood clots, discharge pus and counteract toxin.

Everyone must have Yunnan Baiyao at home or car and in first aid kit in case of emergency. If an accident were to occur, this powder could be very, very important. It can be used for pets (dogs, cats) wounds as well. In addition, yunnan baiyao diminishes itch and swelling due to mosquito and insect bites, it has become a medicine commonly used in Chinese families everyday.

Yunnan Baiyao can be found in capsules for internal wounds or it can be used it as a powder or plaster directly to a wound to provide a treatment for external injuries. In case of excessive blood loss, a small red pill is included with each package of powder bottle to prevent the person from going into shock. This is concentrated form of Yunnan Baiyao, called Baoxianzi or "Insurance Pill for a Serious or Emergency Case" in English.
The red pill should not be taken unless severe loss of blood has occurred and the person is losing consciousness. These are all serious conditions requiring immediate medical care. The red pill of Yunnan Baiyao reportedly saved many lives of people that had been seriously wounded during the war time.
Other name:
There are many different pronunciations and spellings of Yunnan Baiyao: yunnan pai yao, yun nan bai-yao, yunan bai yao, yunan paiyao, yunnan pai-yao, hunnan baiyao, yuhnahn pie yow. Yunnan Baiyao can be translated as "White Medicine from Yunnan", as it comes from southern Yunnan province of China.
The formula of Yunnan Baiyao is kept in secret, but some of the active ingredients are known including Panax notoginseng, notoginseng or pseudoginseng; tien chi, tian qi or san qi in Chinese. This type of ginseng in yunnan baiyao provides the highest concentration of hemostatic constituents among all seven ginseng types.
Other known substances used in Yunnan Baiyao medicine are lesser galangal root or gao liang jiang, sweet geranium or lao guan cao, chinese yam or shan yao, ox gall bladder or bai niu dan, bing pian or borneol.
Yunnan Baiyao (Yunnan Paiyao) became a Chinese medicine of amazing healing when in 1938, 30 000 packages of Yunnan Baiyao were donated to the Chinese Red Army saving many lives in battle. The Chinese government received the formula of Yunnan Baiyao in 1955 and started to produce it on a large scale. During the war in Vietnam, dead Vietcong soldiers were often found with a small vial of Yunnan Pai Yao hanging around their necks. They sprinkled it on gunshot wounds to stop the bleeding while they waited to be evacuated for medical treatment.
Yunnan Baiyao is manufactured by Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd., the only legal manufacturer of Yunnan Baiyao in China.
Yunnan Baiyao won three consecutive national gold medals for quality. It was selected as quality product of Yunnan Province in 1991. There is a saying about Chinese families that they may not keep gold at home but they definitely keep Yunnan Baiyao.

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Yunnan Baiyao Researches

There have been numerous scientific researches about Yunnan Baiyao including
"Yunnan Baiyao - where's the clinical evidence " by Lynelle Graham of University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.
Yunnan Baiyao is inexpensive, patent Chinese herb known for its positive hemostatic effects in the face of active hemorrage. A variety of traditional mechanisms for the action of yunnan baiyao have been proposed, including shortened bleeding time, shortened clotting times, reduced capillary permeability, peripheral vasoconstriction, an increased permeability of platelet membranes resulting in a release of platelet constituents, a calcium mediated effect. Some of these mechanisms and the contents of yunnan baiyao are defined by research, but many open questions remain regarding its use in companion animals. Preoperative use of yunnan baiyao may decrease the need and the cost of blood products. This could decrease the potential difficulties and the side effects of blood replacement and minimize the physiological stresses to the patient and the veterinary staff associated with blood loss.
Here is the list of some researches and studies about Yunnan Baiyao, a Chinese medicine for stopping bleeding :
The effect of Yunnan Baiyao on reduction of intra-operative bleeding of the patients
undergoing transurethral resection of prostate. Li NC, Pan BN, Wang HJ, Li HZ, Wei Q, Wang XH,
Cai SL, Gan WM, Na YQ, (2007) Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi
Institute of Urology, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing 100034, China.
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of Yunnan Baiyao on reduction of intra-operative bleeding of the patients undergoing transurethral resection of prostate (TURP). METHODS: A randomized placebo-control double-blind multi-center trial was conducted. 203 patients with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), aged 50 - 80, who were to undergo TURP were randomly divided into 2 groups: Yunnan Baiyao group, given 500 mg Yunnan Baiyao four times daily since the third day before the operation for 3 days, and placebo group, given empty capsules for 3 days. The amount of intra-operative bleeding, bleeding index and bleeding intensity were compared. The side effect of Yunnan Baiyao was also evaluated. RESULTS: The amount of intra-operative bleeding of the Yunnan Baiyao group was 147 ml +/- 144 ml, significantly less than that of the control group (182 ml +/- 157 ml, P < 0.05). The amount of intra-operative bleeding of the per protocol (PP) population in the Yunnan Baiyao group (n = 58) was 146 ml +/- 116 ml, significantly less than the PP population in the control group (n = 66) (220 ml +/- 207 ml, P = 0.0361). When the weight of the resected prostate tissue was more than 20 gram, the amount of intraoperative bleeding, bleeding index, and bleeding intensity of the ITT population in the Yunnan Baiyao group (n = 60) were all significantly lower than those of the ITT population in the control group (n = 68) (all P < 0.05); the bleeding intensity of the PP population in the Yunnan Baiyao group was 2.4 ml/min +/- 1.8 ml/min, significantly lower than that of the PP population in the control group (3.6 ml/min +/- 3.7 ml/min, P = 0.0072); the bleeding index of the PP population in the Yunnan Baiyao group was 4.7 ml/g +/- 4.6 ml/g, significantly lower than that of the PP population in the control group (7.1 ml/g +/- 8.3 ml/g, P = 0.025). No side effect was found in the 2 groups. CONCLUSION: Yunnan Baiyao is effective on reducing the amount of intraoperative bleeding of TURP without side effect.

Histological study on repairing experimental pulp chamber floor perforations with Yunnan Baiyao in the dog. Wang(1994), Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi
College of Stomatology, Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences, Changchun.
Yunnan Baiyao (YNBY), amalgam, hydroxylapatite and calcium hydroxide were used separately in repairing the experimental pulp chamber floor perforation (PCFP) of dog teeth. The animals were killed at the time of 1, 4, 8 and 12 weeks after experiment. The experimental teeth with periapical tissue were removed and observed their histological changes by optical microscope. The effects that different materials in repairing the tissue of PCFP were observed. Twenty teeth were taken from every dog, each group contained four teeth, the others were used for control group. Results: In initial period (1st, 4th week) inflammatory infiltration was present in PCFP of every group, but the group with YNBY was milder. Pyogenic foci were present in the hydroxylapatite and calcium hydroxide groups. In late stage of experiment (8th and 12th week) inflammatory reactions of each group were alleviated except control group. Epithelial metaplasia and cicatritation were found in the vicinity of perforated area. Dentin cementum and alveolar bone were absorbed in majority of experimental group. It was also observed in the group with YNBY. But in late stage similar cementum formation and alveolar bone neogenesis were found in the perforated area around the repairing materials. It revealed that hemostasis, Promoting Blood Circulation to Remove Stasis and antiphlogistic actions were advantageous to the inflammation, control and repair course of the PCFP. The article discussed that YNBY might promote the repairing of cementum and alveolar bone of perforated area.

Effects of Yunnan Baiyao on peri-operative bleeding of patients undergoing cervical
open-door laminoplasty: a multi-center randomized double-blind placebo-control trial. Pan SF, Sun Y,
Li F, Li GH, Jin DD, Zhang ZM, Luo ZJ, Ye ZX, Hu JH, Qiu GX, (2006), Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi
Department of Orthopedics, Third Hospital of Peking University, Beijing 100083, China.
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of Yunnan Baiyao on peri-operative bleeding of the patients undergoing cervical open-door laminoplasty. METHODS: 197 patients undergoing cervical open-door laminoplasty were randomly divided into 2 groups Yunnan Baiyao group (receiving Yunnan Baiyao 500 mg three times daily for 5 days) and placebo group. The amounts of intra-operative and post-operative bleeding were compared, and the side effect of Yunnan Baiyao was also analyzed. RESULTS: Statistical analysis showed that the amount of intra-operative bleeding of the Yunnan Baiyao was 350 ml +/- 190 ml, significantly lower than that of the placebo group (443 ml +/- 266 ml, P < 0.05). There were no statistical differences in the amount of postoperative bleeding and side effect rate between the two groups. CONCLUSION: Yunnan Baiyao is effective and safe in reducing the amount of intra-operative bleeding of cervical open-door laminoplasty.

Determination of panaxadiol and panaxatriol in radix notoginseng and Yunnan baiyao by capillary
supercritical fluid chromatography. Li YH, Li XL, Hong L, Liu JY, Zhang MY(1991) Yao Xue Xue Bao
School of Pharmacy, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai.
Capillary supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) was developed for the determination of panaxadiol and panaxatriol in Radix notoginseng and Yunnan baiyao. 0.1g Radix notoginseng powder or 0.5g Yunnan baiyao was mixed with 10 ml 15% H2SO4 ethanol-water (1:1) solution, adding 1 mg cholesterol as internal standard. The mixture was refluxed for 4 h, then adding 15 ml 15% NaOH solution, refluxed for 0.5 h. The mixture was extracted 3 times with 10 ml portions of cyclohexane. The cyclohexane extracts were purified by partition column and concentrated by adsorption column and then analysed by SFC. The proposed method is sensitive, accurate, precise, simple and rapid; all the process can be done in 8 h.

Determination of diosgenin in Rhizoma Paridis by high performance liquid chromatography. Wei J, Dong X (1999)
Institute of Yunnan Baiyao Group Co. Ltd, Kunming 650032, China.
A method for the separation and determination of diosgenin in Rhizoma Paridis by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography was developed. The Rhizoma Paridis powder samples were extracted with methanol in a Soxhlet extractor. After extraction the solvent was evaporated and the extract was hydrolysed with 2 mol/L hydrochloric acid for 2 h in a boiling water bath. Then the diosgenin was extracted with petroleum ether (b.p. 60-90 degrees C). The operating conditions were Symmetry C8 column (5 microns, 3.9 mm x 150 mm) at 30 degrees C, mobile phase of V(acetonitrile):V(water) = 75:25 and UV detector at 203 nm. The linearity of the calibration curve was good in the range of 2.1-10.5 micrograms for diosgenin(r = 0.9994). The average recovery and RSD of diosgenin were 99.1% and 1.7% (n = 5) respectively. The method is accurate and reproducible and has been applied to the analysis of Rhizoma Paridis from different sources.

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