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Bei Qi Jing
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Chinese name:
Bei Qi Jing (bay chee jing), Bei Qi Jing Kou Fu Ye
Extractum Astragali, Essence of Northern Astragalus
Fatigue, weak immune system
Tonifies spleen qi and lung qi, boosts vitality, improves digestion and immune system
taken orally one vial(10 ml) per time, two times per day, contains 10 vials
Changchun Xiang Yang Brand
Available in small one-dose vials, this remedy is a 50/50 mixture of honey and Astragalus root (huang qi). This perennial member of the pea family produces a large yellow root that is highly prized in Chinese herbal medicine. It is often cooked in soup bases to provide a boost to the vital energy. A safe and effective herb, it strengthens the immune system by increasing production of antibodies and macrophages, cells that attack disease-causing pathogens and foreign objects in the body.

It is also used to strengthen spleen qi, meaning it improves digestive function and overall vitality.

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